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About Revolution Skateboards

Revolution designs and produces products and components which utilize carbon fiber (graphite) as a primary material in constructing unique high performance consumer products, including sport kites and skateboards.

Revolution’s expertise in working with carbon fiber materials has led to the development of several leading edge products which have benefited from the Intrinsic high strength and low weight properties of carbon fiber such as kayak paddles, golf club shafts, sport kites, bicycle frames and components, and now skateboards. Although active in these many diverse carbon fiber projects over the past 20+ years, Revolution has remained a small independent family owned and operated business. We are one of the most well known skateboard companies in the industry.

Revolution’s patent pending Revdeck skateboard represents an important breakthrough in skateboard technology. It signifies the first successful improvement in skateboard performance and durability that has occurred since wood skateboards were developed. The Revdeck is considerably lighter but stronger and more durable than wood boards. Also, it retains its POP or spring for the lifetime of the board. As one of the best skateboard brands in the industry, we are in business to raise the game and help skateboarders everywhere improve their performance.

The Revdeck will enable skaters to improve their performance, more rapidly develop their capabilities and increase their overall skating enjoyment. The Revdeck has been in development and testing since 2001. It was created as the result of frustration experienced by the skateboarding son of one of Revolution’s founders with the frequent breaking and inconsistent performance of his wood boards. Consequently, David and Joe Hadzicki, Revolution Enterprises founders, set out to design and construct a skateboard that would overcome many of the inherent weaknesses in wood boards. In the process of testing both Joe and David (former skateboarders from the 70’s and 80’s) have again become proficient skateboarders themselves.

The Revdeck is an excellent skateboard, well designed and able to stand up to hard use. A team of testers, including World Skateboard Champion, Tas Pappas, have put the Revdeck through severe and heavy use in all types of skateboarding from street to vert. The feedback and knowledge derived from this extensive testing has led to a board that is light, lively, tough and durable, and that performs at a much higher level than wood boards.

We believe the Revdeck will contribute to the advancement of skateboard popularity worldwide.

Are you ready for the freakiest ride of your life? Wood is dead…leave the trees in the forest. These boards are cool, sik, tight and off the hook. Ride Revdeck. Sky the halfpipe.


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